Bio… More like “Bye Yo.”

“No Ryan what have you done?! Why would you give people the idea to leave, ‘Bye Yo’ that’s not even clever!”, said Ryan to himself.

In short, I’m attracted to good vibes. Love to have fun. Like to keep it light. Work into the night. Play into the day. I have a niece named Tay. When I skate I slay. Laughing all the way. Oh yea, and chillin’ with my bae.


I’ve been trying to hustle businesses since my middle school leaf raking business.¬†That was more of a lunch money thing. The real hustle started right when I got out of high school, where making my first website launched me into creating multiple businesses. It was all I knew, as my parents owned and operated a boutique Ad Agency. Since middle school, I have had multiple start ups; some work, some don’t… but they’re always fun.

Web Developer

Self-taught. Highly motivated to get what I need running smoothly. I started on this journey in 2009. The beginning was rough. Nothing made sense or may be there was just an information overload. I didn’t follow a curriculum, just randomly Googled a bunch of disjointed keywords/phrases. I’m glad that’s for the most part changed ūüôā I’ve worked at startups developing web-apps from start to finish. All my client work is can be seen at¬† My focus is to just hook people up with a dope web presence.

Drawing Fanatic

I love¬†need to draw. My head can get pretty chaotic, and drawing resets me. I love putting randomness on a piece of paper with ink. Not into pencils, don’t like the ability to erase. Permanence forces me to get creative, basically no way to mess up. If your interested you can follow me on insta @_dxxdle.


Tried skateboarding in middle school and quickly gave up. Starting out is rough. Circled back to it when I was 16 yrs old, after seeing kids doing cool sh*t. The next day I bought a Walmart board [I was broke and it was cheap]. It’s been 10+ years since then and still skate just about every day, as long as my ankles are both working!!

Snowboardin’ All Day

Started out skiing, then switched to boarding when I was 17 and never looked back. I try to go as much as possible, but it’s a all day event when you’re living in Connecticut. Day starts at 5 a.m. to get that fresh pow pow. Two fun facts, at Killington I shattered my collar bone, ouch. And I lived 1o minutes from Jay Peak, in Vermont, and got around 90 days of riding! I really miss my Jahhh Peak days and friends. It was most dope.

Whoopty Car Guy

I love old school 90’s whips, they have a lot of character. It’s normal for me to have at least two or more cars at a time. Most of the time I’m trying to figure out whats wrong with my cars. I have found that fixing the problem is way way easier than diagnosing it correctly. Shout out to Youtube and car forums for all the help.

Prep Chef

Give me a cutting board and a chopping knife and I turn into Emeril. Got a nice flow going; I chop, my girlfriend cooks and we grub-a-dub-dub. It’s a pretty sweet.

Backyard sports athlete

Growing up I played soccer, football, basketball, frisbee and the occasionally made up game that usually led to a friendship ending over a made up rule. You can still catch me playing sports in the yard or on the street. I’ve never turned down an invitation to play, you can believe that.

Animal Lovaa

Any and every animal really. Want proof? Scroll through my camera roll. I have 2 cats at the moment, Skinny & Precious. There both in the picture at the top of the page. Skinny is in the background looking dastardly¬† and precious is chillin’ next to me mean muggin’. Dopest cats ever.

Contact Me

I know I have a ridiculous number of social accounts, lol.