This was just a random pick out of the collection. I couldn’t even tell you how I this pen landed in my collection.

I have mix reviews about this pen. This pen bled a lot of ink. If you left it pressing on the paper it would basically ooze out. That was pretty cool for filling in color. But not to great for making crisp lines. Also, I would suggest drawing with a stack of paper. The ink bled through 3 sheets of paper!

This pen didn’t quit, there was always ink. Shading by making a bunch of dots wasn’t frustrating, for real no sarcasm. The overall comfort was A+. Due to its gel grip, light-weight and thick width.

Not sure if I would commit to another full drawing with this pen, but I would have it in my arsenal. Mainly to color stuff in.

Try it for yourself Inc R2 Rollerball →