The Story of Jones

One day Longboard Jones planned on bombing down the steepest hill in town. Jones was no noob, he walked the course to make sure that the road was clear of sticks, rocks, pot holes or anything that can turn his day upside-down. His check list was complete and he was ready to shred! Zipping through the windy road he saw a pot hole. In disbelief he continued bombing towards it. As he was milliseconds away he realized, he was screwed. This wasn’t a pot hole it was an oil spill? He thought. Wrong. It was a worm hole. Jones instantly disappeared and so did the hole.

Jones has been long boarding through the time space continuum for the past what he thinks 5 minutes but earth time has been 60 years!!! He survives off eating “candy”, a.k.a moon rocks. Jones is killin’ the game right now.