Sally sat sideways on the spiral staircase banister. Sorta slightly excited to slide down six flights of stairs. She started to scream as she slid down, like a sleigh in the snow. Stupidly she forgot to remember to be safe. SLAM! She shot right into the sheetrock. Silly Sally never dilly dallied when it came to having fun. She stomped back onto her two feet and began to think what could make her mom freak.

SUGGESTIONS? She shouted hoping someone would hear. And what do you know, it didn’t fall on def ears. Her sloppy dog Dingo that shouted back “BINGO!” For he had been bored all day watching contained lava in a lamp, do nothing as he was told to stay. Stay don’t play that did not last even half a day.

Dingo said how cool it would be to stick a silver paperclip into the open and exposed outlet. Sally suddenly shrieked, jumped up and to her feet and gave Dingo a tasty doggie treat. Shuffling through staples, rubber bands and pens Sally stumbled across a giant paper clip! Zip. She flipped and did a few more tricks on the way to stick the clip into the outlet. Zapp. Sizzle. Sally seemed to enjoy the shock of electricity. Simple Sally stayed plugged into the outlet. Shocking I say.