The Story of Winston

Winston was the least liked in Wizardry School. It may have been for his fowl odor or maybe for is butt-er face. He became fond of dark magic. He was the target for all jokes. Winston would quietly make his list and knew one day he would get his revenge.

Upon graduating he was gifted a magical cloak by his professor Dr. Darth Haider. This cloak increased his dark magic by ten fold. With a goblin around his neck he was ready to bring heck and destruction to all that messed with him. He started with Finkle, once his best friend but turned on him under peer pressure.

He cast a spell to make Finkle the size of a wrinkle. As he chanted three times, “Zap. Boom. Bam. Shrink into my drink.” and pointed his wand at Finkle who was in the bathroom taking a tinkle. Zaaaap, he was shrunk. Plunk, he dunked and sunk into the cup. Winston quickly screwed the cap on and laughed, “MUUAHAHAAHHAA”.

One down, three hundred to go.

Fun Fact: I used 19 different pens/markers to make this.